research exam 3/ ch.11.ethics.

  1. What was the original purpose of the Tuskegee study?
    Study if syphilis was the same disease that attacks whites.
  2. what was final purpose of tuskegee study?
    study syphilis. how it affects body.
  3. what were the participants told about taking part in the study?
    free tx. gov't doctors to help these "special" pts.
  4. what set off the FIRST set of guidelines protecing the rights of research subjects?
    WWII nazi scientists. nuremberg code.
  5. what code brought the recogniztion of mentally ill and kids?
    helsinki code. (remember SINK - chemicals under sink - kids)
  6. three rights ANA est. in 1970?
    • free from risk/injury
    • free to privacy
    • free to anonymity
  7. ethics vs law
    • ethics - what you think is right
    • law - now that "ethic" is mandated (controlled by gov't)
  8. right to autonomy is also free from coercion
  9. right to beneficence is also having a "purpose" to an experiment.
  10. what is ethical principle social justice?
    demands from women and minorities to be represented in data. (it's not all about the white man).
  11. the nursing code of ethics is influenced by what principle of ethics?
  12. remember coercion can be in the form of a reward being "too good to pass up".
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research exam 3/ ch.11.ethics.
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