Day 18

  1. ability
    n. faculty, capacity, competence     능력
  2. accessible
    adj. available, obtainable, reachable   이용가능한, 접근하기 쉬운
  3. accord
    v. grant, give, bestow, agree, assent 주다, 수여하다, 일치하다

    The economist was accorded the highest honor in his field for this paper on choice theory.
  4. appear
    v. seem, look   ~인 듯하다, ~인 것 같이 보인다
  5. be rooted in
    phr. be based on, originate from ~에 근거를 두다, ~에서 유래하다
  6. bog
    n. marsh, swamp, fen        습지,늪지, 수렁

    The elk attracted tourists, but they also caused damage to the bogs.
  7. collaborate
    v. effort together, cooperate    협력하다
  8. crucible
    n. container                     도가니, 용광로

    The intense heat of the fire melted the gold in the crucible.
  9. curb
    v. control, repress, suppress, restrain  (특히 좋지 못한것을) 제한(억제)하다.

    The industrialist took measures to curb pollution generated by his factories.
  10. cycle
    n. sequence                  주기
  11. deem
    v. consider, believe, regard    ~라고 여기다(생각하다)

    Mrs. Watson bluntly told her daughter that she deemed it unwise for young ladies to be out on their own at night.

    • The evening was deemed a great success.
    • 그날 저녁(공연)은 대대적인 성공으로 여겨졌다.
  12. devout
    adj. pious, reverent, religious 독실한
  13. disperse
    v. spread out, scatter, disseminate, dissipate 흩어지게 하다, 해산

    The smell was rapidly dispersed by the strong winds.
  14. economical
    adj. saving, thrifty, frugal         절약하는
  15. eventually
    adv. in time, finally, ultimately, in due time, in the long run  결국
  16. faint
    adj. indistinct, dim, feeble         (빛,소리,냄새 등이) 희미한

    Red giant stars appear faint evening though they are quite luminous.
  17. financial
    adj. monetary, pecuniary           재정상의
  18. frighten
    v. scare, terrify, alarm      두렵게 하다
  19. geognosy
    n. geology,                       지질학, 지구 구조학
  20. give way to
    phr. retreat, withdraw             물러가다, 양보하다

    The citizens gave way to the President's motorcade.
  21. immense
    adj. enormous, huge, tremendous 거대한, 막대한

    The immense statue of the Greek goddness Athena attracted many tourists to the Acropolis.
  22. impact
    n. influence, effect                 영향
  23. ingenuity
    n. creativeness, inventiveness     독창성, 창의력

    Thomos Edison was a man of extraordinary ingenuity.
  24. in keeping with
    phr. in agreement with, consistent with, in conformity with ~와 일치하여, 어울려
  25. job
    n. project, assignment, task      일, 직무
  26. lethargic
    adj. sluggish, drowsy, listless, slow  무기력한,혼수의

    Reptiles become lethargic when the temperature drops.
  27. meager
    adj. scarce, scanty, deficient 부족한, 메마른

    Lincoln's meager education aroused his desire to learn.
  28. parody
    n. lampoon, mockery, spoof, takeoff, 풍자적 변형
  29. refuge
    n. shelter, sanctuary           피난처, 은신처
  30. rural
    adj. country, rustic, pastoral      시골의
  31. scrub
    v. scour, rub            북북 문지르다
  32. secure (2)
    v. 1. acquire, obtain, procure get       확보하다

    adj. safe                    안전한
  33. skepticism
    n. doubt, suspicion, uncertainty 회의(론)
  34. so far
    phr. until now, up to present      지금까지
  35. spark
    v. bring about, trigger, stimulate    야기하다

    The government council proposed tax reforms in order to spark activity in the stagnant economy.
  36. speculation
    n. conjecture, supposition, surmise    추측

    There was much speculation in the office as to who the new employee would be
  37. terrain
    n. land, territory, area          지역, 지형

    Under Sipiera's direction, crew members will search the terrain for meteorites.
  38. tumult
    n. chaos, disturbance, turbulence 혼란, 소란

    Many lost faith in the tumult of revolution and war.
  39. unlimited
    adj. infinite, limitless, boundless, endless 무한한
  40. vagarious
    adj. changeable, whimsical, capricious, arbitray       변덕스러운, 상식을 벗어난, 엉뚱한

    Vagarious weather conditions in Bangladesh worsen during the monsoon season.
  41. volume, tome                책
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