1. what is the climate of Bordeaux?
    warmer maritime due to the gulf stream.
  2. which river separates the right and left bank?
    the Garrone river
  3. what are the 2 most notable red varietals of the right bank
    Merlot and Cab Franc.
  4. what is the most common red varietal of the left bank?
    Cabernet Sauvignon
  5. what is entre-deux-mers? and what type of wine is labeled such?
    it means between two seas and only whites can be labeled entre-deux-mers (generally will be a semmion or a sav blanc)
  6. what are the 3 important rivers in Bordeaux
    dordogne, Garrone, and Gironde (which is the estuary the other two feed)
  7. what are the 6 AOC classifications of Bordeaux?
    • 1.Region -least strict (Bordeaux, Bordeaux Superiore)
    • 2.District -medium strict (medoc, haute-medoc, graves)
    • 3. Cotes de Bordeaux (if a red in the entre-daux-mer or a dry white)
    • 4.Commune- Most strict (pomeral, st emillion)
    • 5. dry white wines
    • 6. sweet white wines (entre-daux-mer)
  8. what are the white grapes of the bordeaux region?
    sauvignon blanc, and semillon. (muscadelle and ugni blanc are permitted)
  9. in bordeaux how do they classify their grande cru's? by winery or vineyard?
    Winery. The winery can get grapes from anywhere in the village and still be grande cru or 1st growth.
  10. who are the original 4 1st growth preiere grand cru classes?
    • Chateau Margaux
    • Chateau Laffite-Rothschild
    • Chateau Latour
    • Haut-Brion
    • (later came Chateau Mouton Rothschild)
  11. which 4 areas house most of the 2nd growths in the left bank
    • Saint Estephe
    • Saint Julien
    • Margaux
    • Pauillac
    • (all in the haut-medoc)
  12. what are the 2 AOC's to remember in the right bank?
    • Saint emillion
    • Pomerol
  13. Medoc classified in 1855 with ___ top chateauxs broken into __ growths.
    60 chateauxs in 5 growths
  14. what are the 6 areas of the left bank?
    • Pauillac
    • Margaux
    • Saint Julien
    • Saint Estephe
    • graves
    • pessac-leognan
  15. what are the sweet wines made in the southern most region of Bordeaux?
    saunternes and barsac are made in the southern part of pessac-leognan
  16. what classification does graves follow?
    their own classification--aside from haut-brion-- 13 reds and 8 whites
  17. what is special about chateau d'yquem?
    it is its own catagory and is a premier cru superieur classe
  18. how are premier grand cru classe's divided in saint emillion and the right bank?
    in group A (2) and group B (9)
  19. which area was never classified?
  20. name 2 satellite regions in Bordeaux
    • Cahors
    • Madiran
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