EYV Units 10-15

  1. cipher
    a coded message or Arabic numeral
  2. tariff
    a duty on imported or exported goods
  3. alcove
    a partly enclosed recess
  4. mattress
    a rectangular bad used on a bed
  5. algebra
    a branch of mathematics
  6. admiral
    the commander of a navy
  7. sofa
    a couch
  8. syrup
    a thick, sweet, sticky liquid made of sugar
  9. zenith
    a summit
  10. alcohol
    an intoxicating beverage
  11. salaam
    a formal greeting
  12. sherbet
    a sweet king of ice
  13. nom de plume
    a pseudonym used by an author
  14. de rigueur
    socially obligatory
  15. rapprochement
    the reestablishment of cordial relations
  16. avant-garde
    ahead of the times
  17. timbre
    the tone of an instrument or voice
  18. entree
    an introduction
  19. vis-a-vis
    face-to-face with
  20. ensemble
    music composed for a group
  21. tete-a-tete
    a private conversation
  22. communique
    an official announcement
  23. boutique
    a small retail store
  24. par excellence
    regarded as the best of a kind
  25. chef d'oeuvre
    a masterpiece
  26. joie de vivre
    enjoyment of life
  27. amour propre
  28. hors d'oeuvre
    an appetizer
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EYV Units 10-15