MOD A Unit 4 Review Vocab

  1. Bell's Palsy
    Disease of the 7th cranial nerve
  2. Epilepsy
    abnormal electrical impulses from the neurons of the brain
  3. Sciatica
    Inflammation of the sciatic nerve
  4. Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)
    Recurring stroke-like event that lasts a few seconds to a few hours. Warning signs of impeding CVA [stroke]
  5. Amnesia
    a condition in which there is a loss or lack of memory
  6. electroencephalography
    amplification, recording, & analysis of the electrical actuvity of the brain. Record is called Electroencephalogram [eeg]
  7. myelography
    an x-ray exam of the spinal cord following an injection of a radiopaque material
  8. Neurotripsy
    surgical crushing of a nerve
  9. Papilledema
    swelling of the optical disk, usually caused by increased intracranial pressure; also called Choked Disk
  10. Radicotomy
    A division or secretion of spinal nerve roots; also called rhizotomy
  11. Psychosomatic
    Pertaining to the interrelationship of the mind and the body
  12. Alzheimer's Disease
    Progressive, Degenerative Disease affecting the brain
  13. Acrophobia
    an abnormal fear of high places
  14. aphagia
    a loss or lack of the abiltiy to eat/swallow
  15. Atelomyelia
    a condition of imperfect development of the spinal cord
  16. cephalgia
    head pain; headache
  17. Craniotomy
    surgical incision of the skull
  18. Dyslexia
    a condition in which an individual has difficulty in comprehending written language
  19. Hemiplegia
    Paralysis that affects 1/2 of the body
  20. Hypnosis
    an artificially induced condition of sleep
  21. neurilemma
    a thin membranous sheath that envelops a nerve fiber; also called sheath of Schwann or neurolemma.
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