Thanatology Test #4

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  1. Amplification effect
    actions are broadcast to a larger area then the location where action occurs, giving act greater significance
  2. autogenocide
    a group's killing of its own people
  3. altuistic suicide
    giving of one's life for others for a greater good
  4. Hara-kiri
    • ritual disembowelment
    • Japanese
  5. Sati
    • faithful wife
    • follow her husband into death
  6. sociological model
    suicide results from disturbances in ties between the individual and society
  7. psychological model
    suicide results from disturbances within the individual's phyche
  8. Suicide caused by psychache
    psychache refers to unbearable mental pain caused by frustration of a person's most important needs
  9. suicidal behaviour is...
    multifaceted & multidimensional
  10. werther effect
    contagious or imitative effect as an influence of suggestion on suicidal behaviour
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