Legal Profession in Ontario

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  1. Articling Clerk
    Also called a clerk under articles or, more simply, an articling student. This is the title for a law student who has completed law school, and then works in a law firm under supervision for one year to acquire practice skills.
  2. Assessment Officer
    An officer of the Court with the power to review a lawyer's bill if it is disbuted by the client, and to determine costs payable by one party to another as a result of a court order for costs.
  3. Barrister and Solicitor
    The professional title of lawyers in Canada.
  4. Bencher
    A lawyer elected by other lawyers to the convocation, the governing body of the law society.There are also a number of lay benchers, who are not lawyers but are appointed by the government to represent the interests of the general public.
  5. Call to the Bar
    A ceremony in which a law student, after completing the required legal education, officially becomes a lawyer and a member of the legal profession in a province.
  6. Convocation
    The governing body of the Law society of Upper Canada, which is composed of benchers.
  7. Disbarment
    A process whereby a lawyer who has committed a serious infraction of the rules of professional conduct is made to leave the legal profession after a disciplinary hearing.
  8. Grandparented
    A gender-neutral term referring to a class of persons existing prior to the imposition of a new system of rules, who are permitted to adhere to the system that existed prior to the establishment of the new system of rules.
  9. Mega-Firm
    A colloquial expression used to describe very large, often transprovincial or transnational law firms.
  10. Peer Review
    A system used in the professions to assess the quality of a professionals work done by having other skilled professionals review and comment on the quality of that work.
  11. Pro Bono Publico
    A Latin expression that means "for the public good". It describes a situation where the client cannot afford to pay fees, so a lawyer takes on a wealthy legal cause for no fee in order to see justice done.
  12. Retained
    A client who has hired a lawyer has retained the lawyer's services by paying a deposit for legal services called a retainer.
  13. Retainer
    • Has several meanings, depending on context.
    • - It describes the contract between a lawyer & client for services to be performed by the lawyer
    • - It describes the money deposit made by the client to the lawyer as advance payment on services to be performed by the lawyer
    • - It may refer to a contractual relationship in which the client pays the lawyer a fee for being available to provide whatever services the client requires during a stipulated time period. This retainer is often used by corporate clients that need to have a lawyer on call.
  14. Solicitor-Client Privilege
    A privilege, which belongs to the client, that requires that anything said to a lawyer by a client dealing with an issue for which the lawyer has been retained cannot be revealed to anyone without the client's consent.
  15. Systemic Discrimination
    An unintentional in equitable treatment of a minority that arises as a result of the negative impact on a minority of institutions or existing ways of doing things. For ex. the requirement of long hours by large firms may give rise to systemic discrimination against women lawyers, who are primarily responsible for child care.
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