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  1. describe two actions of the Kontu shark calling ritual and identify the Kontu religious beliefs that they reflect.
    • the dreams they have will tell them when it is time to shark call
    • they would not sleep with their woman
    • after catch, shark caller blows shell
  2. How is religious change on Kontu reflected in different areas of life? give specific examples
    • education; kids went to school instead of keeping up with culture
    • economic change; selling shark fins
    • government; colonial power
  3. Kontu
    village of shark callers
  4. Moroa
    shark caller god
  5. What are the values taught in the mo'olelo of the first shark caller and the origin of shark calling?
    • adaption; finding a new way to get back
    • perseverance; tries again after being pulled down by shark
  6. Describe three parts of religion found in the video about Kontu shark calling, and compare them to Hawaiian of other religions
    • Restrictions (ai kapu) 
    • gods name (moroa) 
    • rituals
  7. Kumulipo
    • list of events and history
    • chiefs showed power by adding geneology to it
  8. Po'ele
    female counterpart; contained theme of conflict and procreation
  9. He pule ho'ola'a ali'i
    prayer that sacrifices chief
  10. Wa
    • Sections
    • there are 16 Wa in the kumulipo
  11. Po
    • night
    • 7 1/2 wa
  12. Ao
    • Day
    • 8 1/2 wa
  13. Identify two opposing pairs found in the Kumulipo and explain how the pairs interact?
    • Keawe and 'I-
    • 2 families didn't get along, but they married to make peace
  14. La'ila'i/Ki'i/Kane
    • La'ila'i was the wahine in the triangle.
    • Ki'i was okay with the relationship
    • Ki'i and Kane had jealousy issues
  15. Punalua
  16. Po'olua
    co-spouse, specifically 2 fathers
  17. Maui
    discovered fire
  18. Kalaninui'iamamao
    chief, last in Kumulipo
  19. Is there a complete balance in the Kumulipo? explain
    yes, there will always be a male and female principle. they are not separate, rather than a continuity of wholeness
  20. Ao Kuewa
    homeless, wandering souls (realm)
  21. Ao Aumakua
    realm for desired family ancestors
  22. Ao o Milu
    evil, darkness realm
  23. Leilono
    another place where soul goes to everlasting night
  24. 'Ulu o Laiwalo
    Red hill tree
  25. Ka'ena
    relative to pele
  26. Leina U'hane
    spirit jump
  27. Malua'e
    • father, farmer.
    • goes to Ao o Milu to get son back, after choking on banana
  28. Ka'ali'i
    tried to eat banana and choked
  29. Hanau ka A'ina
    the land is born
  30. hauna ke ali'i
    the chief if born
  31. hauna ke kanaka
    the people are born
  32. mokopuni
  33. Moku
    district of an island
  34. Ahupua'a
    Division in a district
  35. 'ili
  36. Ko'ele/Hakuone
    Division of crop for Alii'i (organizers) and konohiki (chiefs)
  37. Lo'i
    taro patch
  38. Loko i'a
    fish pond
  39. herbivorious
    feeding on plants and grass vegitation
  40. kaho'olawe
    used as a bombing area for military purposes.. bomb testing sight in 1951
  41. Kanaloa
    God of ocean, alternate name for Kaho'olawe
  42. what has historically contributed to the degradation of the land on Kaho'olawe?
    Wind did its work for 100 years ago, now suffers from military desicration
  43. George Helm
    • leader of PKO. 
    • Activist
    • claimed military was violating laws, disappeared while searching sea for people
  44. Kimo Mitchell
    disappeared with George Helm- 1951
  45. PKO
    protect kaho'olawe ohana
  46. Makahiki
    • festival in October for rain and fertility.
    • In january it ends, they walk across island.
  47. what does the O in PKO stand for and what is it so important to the Kaho'olawe cause?
    Ohana, includes kid and the kapuke. Ohana is forever
  48. WW II
    Bombing in kahoolawe started in 1941 when US was thinking about joining the war. promised to stop bombing after war. agreement was not honored
  49. KIRC
    kahoolawe island reserve commision
  50. Why was the PKO against bombing at kaoolawe and what actions did they take to protest and change the sitation?
    they inhabited the island
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