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  1. Bacteria are too small to separate...
  2. indirect separation it used by what...
    serial dilution
  3. CFU equation
    number of colony/ (dilution X amount plated)
  4. Effect go pH equation
  5. pH can lead to..
    cell death
  6. pH organisms. 3
    • Acidophiles: lower than 5.5
    • Nuetrolphiles: 5.5-8.5
    • Alkaliphiles: greater than 8.5
  7. Importance of osmotic pressure is...
    maintain equilibrium.. not too much water going in or out
  8. osmosis def
    water movement from where its concentration is high to where it is low
  9. osmotic pressure organisms 3
    • hyposmotic: h20 move into cell
    • hyperosmotic: h20 moves out of cell
    • isosmotin: h20 moves in both directions
  10. Countable plate for CFU
  11. Salt osmo pressure bacteria 3
    • halophilies: 3% high NaCl
    • Extreme halophiles: 15-25% NaCl
    • Osmotolerant: grow on range
  12. temperature bacteria 5
    • psychrophiles: <20C
    • Psychotrophs: 0-30C
    • mesophiles: 15-45C
    • thermophiles: >40C
    • Extreme thermophiles: 65-110C
  13. UV light def
    type of electromagnetic energy
  14. what type of UV light is most harmful
  15. UV causes new _____ to be formed in bacteria DNA. Most common one.
    • Pyrimidine dimers
    • thymine dumers
  16. Phenylethyl Alcohol Agar (PEA) is what type of medium and isolates what bacteria
    *think Positive
    • undefined and selective (inhibits growth of gram negative)
    • staphylococci, streptococcie, enterococci
  17. Mannitol Salt Agar (MSA) is what type of medium and isolates what bacteria
    • Selective and differential. Only G + can grow.
    • differentiates between staphylococcus species
  18. on the MSB (mannitol salt Agar) what does yellow with halo, pink and no growth mean.
    • Y: positive mannitol salt fermentation
    • P;no fermentation
    • NG: probably gram negative
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