immigration as a component of demography

  1. role of migration
    source of labor force, population growth, and age structure in some developed societies
  2. sociological interest in migration (especially international)
    • 1. social, economic, and psychological effects
    • 2. acculturation and adjustment process of migrant populations
  3. migration
    movement involving change of usual place of residence between clearly defined geographic units
  4. migration stream
  5. gross migration
    Mij + Mji
  6. net migration
    Mij - Mji
  7. A city's net migration was 300,000 in 2013, while its gross migration was 400,000. What was the city's migration efficiency ratio in 2013?
    • MER = net/gross = 300,000/400,000 = 0.75
  8. The range (if proportion maintained) of a migration efficiency ratio should be
  9. The bean was born in CA in 2006. She ate and dumped in CA, never moved out of CA permanently, and plans to die in CA. CA may have a ___ on the bean.
    holding power
  10. international migration
    movement across national boundaries. designated emigration with regard to sending country and immigration relative to receiving country
  11. international migrant
    a person who changes his or her country of abode: a country where that person spends most of his or her daily night rest over a period of a year
  12. temporary international migrant
    globalization, free trade agreements, and European Union have led to this concept. The "temporary" is in a purely legal sense, but as global business has evolved, multinational corporations increasingly seek labor. Resulting migrants stay for a while, and some countries allow them to adjust their status.
  13. factors promoting temporary international migration in the US and Canada
    The 1989 Free Trade Agreement (FTA): facilitation of movement of technical and managerial persons; expansion in exchange of Graduate Education
  14. factors promoting temporary international migration in the US, Canada, and also Mexico
    FTA expanded in 1994 by adding Mexico in creating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) > labor migration among the countries involved, but especially between Mexico and US. Treaty terms allow movement of persons between the three countries to take part in business, trade, and investment, provide professional services and expertise
  15. factors promoting temporary international migration in Europe
    Treaty allows free movement of persons whose countries are part of of the EU
  16. internally displaced persons
    uprooted at origin
  17. three kinds of illegal immigrants
    illegal border crossers, visa overstayers, entrants with false documents
  18. illegal border crossers
    EWIs (in US); generally do not appear in any reports of the immigration service unless apprehended
  19. visa overstayers (US/UK)
    listed in records of immigration service (Homeland Security/Home Office), and hence possible to estimate numbers approximately if country keeps record of temporary visitors exiting
  20. entrants with false documents
    counterfeit, altered, or borrowed immigration documents; absent from official records of immigration service except via apprehension
  21. Illegal border crossers and visa overstayers make up __ % of the illegal immigrant population
    60 and 40
  22. policy concerning visiting non-immigrants
    prove that he/she is coming for a temporary stay. Evidence required depends on purpose of trip and type of visa sought
  23. policy concerning non-immigrant international students
    documentation of acceptance at school authorized; 1-20 (F-1 or M-1); funding source, air ticket availability post practical training departure. VO looks for evidence of "grounding" at origin
  24. the non-immigrant population consists of
    tourists, business people, students and their immediate family, representatives of foreign governments, foreign dignitaries (or workers at UN as per Headquarters Agreement), temporary workers and their immediate family, crewmen/women of vessels (airlines, trains, ships), sports persons and immediate entourage, members of the clergy (typically invited by a church/mosque/other religious entity
  25. immigrant
    alien or foreigner admitted for lawful permanent residence; may be issues immigrant visas by the Department of State overseas or adjusted to permanent resident status
  26. duration of US residence
    since Jefferson administration: 5 years
  27. Data on international migration may be derived from
    1. statistics collected on the occasion of the movement of people across international borders. included: border control data divided into port control statistics (airports and seaports) and land border statistics. 2. statistics of passports and applications for passports, visas, work permits, and other documents for international migration. 3. statistics from population registers (nation dependent), 4. statistics collected in censuses or periodic national population surveys. 5. statistics from periodic inquiries, e.g. Alien Registration; count of a nation's citizens abroad
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