Opthalmic Medications (systemic effects)

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  1. Acetylcholine: MOA and effect
    • Cholinergic agonist (miosis)
    • Bronchospasm, Bradycardia, & hypotension
  2. Acetazolamide: MOA and effect
    • Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor (decrease IOP)
    • Diuresis, hypokalemic metabolic acidosis
  3. Atropine: MOA and effect
    • Anticholinergic (mydriasis)
    • Central anticholinergic syndrome
  4. Cyclopentolate: MOA and effect
    • Anticholinergic (mydriasis)
    • Disorientation, psychosis, and convulsions
  5. Echothiopate: MOA and effect
    • Cholinesterase inhibitor (miosis, decrease IOP)
    • Prolongation of Succinylcholine paralysis, bronchospasm
  6. Epinephrine: MOA and effect
    • Sympathetic agonist (mydriasis, decreased IOP)
    • HTN, bradycardia, tachycardia, HA
  7. Phenylephrine: MOA and effects
    • alpha-adrenergic agonist (mydriasis,vasoconstriction)
    • HTN, tachycardia, dysrhythmias
  8. Scopolamine: MOA and effects
    • Anticholinergic (mydriasis, vasoconstriction)
    • Central anticholinergic sydrome
  9. Timolol: MOA and effects
    • Beta-adrenergic blocking agent (decreases IOP)
    • Bradycardia, asthma, and CHF
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