Chapter 13 Study Guide

  1. One hardship miners did NOT face was….
    Many places to look for gold
  2. Most "forty-niners" came from….
    many different places
  3. How did the gold rush affect the population of California?
    The population grew rapidly.
  4. What caused the Mormons to choose to move west?
    They had been mistreated because of their religious beliefs.
  5. The BEST generalization that describes gold miners:
    few found gold
  6. This trail did NOT take people west:
    The Appalachian Trail
  7. How did people travel along the Oregon Trail?
    Wagon Train
  8. Which trail did thousands of people use to go to California during the gold rush?
    The California Trail
  9. Life along the Oregon Trail is Best described as
    long and difficult.
  10. Most people reached California during the gold rush by
    all routes…boat, wagon, horse
  11. How did Mexico get settlers form the United States to build ranches and farms in Texas?
    Mexico gave Moses Austin a grant of land.
  12. Why did some citizens of the United States want to annex Texas?
    Their belief in Manifest Destiny
  13. This battle was a United States victory during the Mexican War.
    The Bear Flag Revolt
  14. One main reason the United States settlers in Texas wanted their independence was
    settlers wanted more say in government
  15. One of the main reasons early setters moved to Oregon Country was
    They wanted to teach Christian religion to the Native Americans.
  16. The following represented the opinion of some who opposed the annexation of Texas by the United States:
    Annexing Texas could lead to war with Mexico.
  17. This BEST describes Oregon fever:
    People eagerly seeking a new life.
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