The Muscular system

  1. aponeurorrhaphy
    suture of an aponeurosis
  2. aponeurosis
    a fibrous sheet of connective tissue that serves to attach muscle to bone or to other tissues
  3. ataxia
    a lack of muscular coordination
  4. atrophy
    a lack of nourishment; a wasting of muscular tissue that maybe caused by lack of use
  5. brachialgia
    pain in the arm
  6. bradykinesia
    slowness of motion or movement
  7. dactylospasm
    cramp of a finger or toe
  8. dystrophy
    faulty muscular development caused by lack of nourishment
  9. fasciectomy
    surgical excision of a fascia
  10. fasciodesis
    surgical binding of a fascia to a tendon or another fascia
  11. fascioplasty
    surgical repair of fascia
  12. fibromyitis
    inflammation of muscle and fibrous tissue
  13. myaligia
    pain in the muscle
  14. myasthenia
    muscle weakness
  15. myitis
    inflammation of a muscle
  16. myoblast
    an embryonic cell that develops into a cell of muscle fiber
  17. myofibroma
    a tumor that contains muscle and fiber
  18. myokinesis
    muscular motion or activity
  19. myology the study of muscles
  20. myoma
    a tumor containing muscle tissue
  21. myomalacia
    softening of muscle tissue
  22. myomelanosis
    a condition of abnormal darkening of muscle tissue
  23. myoplasty
    surgical repair of a muscle
  24. myorrhaphy
    suture of a muscle wound
  25. myorrhexis
    rupture of a muscle
  26. myosclerosis
    a condition of hardening of muscle
  27. myotenositis
    inflammation of a muscle and its tendon
  28. rhabdomyoma
    a tumor of striated muscle tissue
  29. tenodesis
    surgical binding of a tendon
  30. tenodynia
    pain in a tendon
  31. tenrrhaphy
    suture of a tendon
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