psych exam chapter

  1. what is the DSM-IV-TR
    • classifies mental disorders
    • states that there is evidence suggesting that the symptoms and causes of a number of disorders are influenced by cultural and ethnic factors
  2. what is cognitive behavior therapy?
    Recognize automatic thoughts and cognitive distortions and correct them

    Challenge negative thinking and replace with positive thoughts

    Beck believed how people feel and behave is largely determined by the way they think about the world and their place in it
  3. Global Assessment of Functioning
    • indicates best psychological, social, and occupational functioning during the previous year
    • Rated on a scale 1-100
    • the higher the number = higher level of functioning
  4. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
    • People are active participants in life, striving for self actualization
    • When basic needs are met, higher level needs emerge
  5. Maslow's Pyramid
    from top to bottom
    • Self-Transcendence
    • Self-Actualization (becoming everything one is capable of
    • Esteem (self esteem related to competency, achievement and esteem from others)
    • Love and Belonging (Affiliation, affectionate relationships and love)
    • Safety Needs (Security, protection, stability, structure, order and limits)
    • Physiological Needs (Food, Water, oxygen, elimination, rest and sex)
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