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  1. How many countries are in Southwest Asia?
  2. What is the largest country in Southwest Asia? What is the smallest country?
    Saudi Arabia; Bahrain
  3. Which rivers run through parts of Turkey, Syria, and Iraq?
    Euphrates; Tigris
  4. Where does oil and natural gas come from?
    deceased plants and animals
  5. What nomadic Arab tribe lives in the deserts if Southwest Asia?
  6. When did the demand for petroleum explode?
    In the late 1800s
  7. How many years ago was petroleum deposits formed?
    millions of years ago
  8. What percent of the Dead Sea is salt?
  9. What desert is also known as the Empty Quarter?
    Rub al-Khali
  10. Name the three richest countries in Southwest Asia in order.
    • 1.Saudi Arabia 
    • 2.Kuwait
    • 3.Bahrain
  11. What are the two primary groups of  Islam?
    Shi'ite and Sunni
  12. What Islamic group believes that their leaders are those who are voted by members of the Islam communities?
  13. What Islamic group believes that their leaders have those who are from direct lineage of prophet Muhammad?
  14. What Islamic group believes that the Mahdi is already here?
  15. What Islamic group believes that the Mahdi is yet to come to earth?
  16. Which two bodies of water are connected by the Suez Canal?
    The Medditeranean Sea and the Red Sea
  17. What are the Five Pillars of Islam?
    Faith, Prayer, Charity, Fasting, and Pilgrimage
  18. How many times a day do Muslims have to pray and where do they face?
    Five; Mecca
  19. What is an Islamic place of worship?
  20. What is the Islamic holy month?
  21. All Muslims are responsible to make at least one pilgrimage or ____ to _____ at least once in there lifetime.
    hajj; Mecca
  22. What climates are found in Southwest Asia?
    • Deserts 
    • Semiard
    • Mediterranean
    • Humid subtropical
    • Highland
  23. What is OPEC?
    It is an organization established to coordinate policies on selling petroleum  products.
  24. What is the earliest monotheistic religion?
  25. What are the three holiest cities to Muslims?
    • 1.Mecca
    • 2.Jerusalem
    • 3.Medina
  26. What is the PLO?
    A movement formed to regain land for Palestinian
  27. What is the goal of Zionism?
    Its goal was to create and support a Jewish homeland in Palestine
  28. What is the significance of the Dome of the Rock?
    This is the spot that the Muslims believe Muhammad rose into heaven
  29. What is Rosh Hashanah?
    The Jewish New Years
  30. What is Hanukkah?
  31. What is Passover?
  32. What is Mihrah?
    A recessed wall that marks the direction of Mecca
  33. What did Moses do?
    Brought freedom for the Jews
  34. What is ethnicity?
    A method of classification based upon a common trait of the population, such as a common heritage, a common culture, a shared language or dialect
  35. What is religion?
    A belief in or the worship of God or gods.
  36. What sea lies between Jordan and Israel?
    Dead Sea
  37. What early civilizations developed in Iraq along the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers?
    Babylonia, Assyria, and Chaldea
  38. What is one of the poorest countries in the world?
  39. What country established free education for all children through the university level.
  40. What is a resource so important that nations will go to war to ensure its steady supply?
    strategic commodity
  41. Another name for unskilled laborers recuited from South and East Asia to fill jobs in the Middle East
    guest worker
  42. What is a strip of land on the west side of the Jordan River which is now controlled by Israel?
    West Bank
  43. What is a territory along the Mediteranean Sea just northeast of the Sinai Peninsula?
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