Thioglycollate Broth/ pH/ Osmotic pressure/ temp

  1. What are two agents in Thioglycollate Broth?
    • Sodium thioglycollate 
    • Resazurin
  2. Sodium thioglycollate
    A reducing agent that removes available oxygen. 

    Found in Thioglycollate broth
  3. Resazurin
    • An oxygen indicator 
    • Pink= Oxygen presents (Oxidized)
    • Clear = Oxygen absent (Reduced)
  4. What is the main use of thioglycollate broth?
    Its used to determine the oxygen requirements in organisms
  5. Acidophile and their pH range
    Grows best at pH lower then 5.5
  6. Neutrophile and their pH range
    • Grows best in neutral environments
    •  pH 5.5 - 8.5
  7. Alkaliphile and their pH range
    Grow best at pH 8.5 and above.
  8. Diffusion
    The movement of molecules down its concentration gradient
  9. Osmosis
    The movement of water molecules across a semipermeable membrane, down its concentration gradient
  10. Effects of Hypotonic solutions
    • Means less [solute] outside the cell
    • Has a net movement of water into cell
  11. Effects of Isotonic solution
    • When the [solute] is equal inside the cells and outer environment 
    • Equal movement in and out of the cell
  12. Effects of hypertonic solution
    • When [solute] is higer outside the cell
    • Causes water to move out of the cell
  13. Halophiles
    Bacteria that can frow in [salt] of 3% or more
  14. Psychrophiles
    Below 20o C
  15. Mesophiles
    Organisms who grow best between 15oC and 45oC
  16. Thermophiles
    Organisms that grow at 40oC and higher
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Thioglycollate Broth/ pH/ Osmotic pressure/ temp