Day 16

  1. alternative
    n. 1. choice, option, substitue     대안

    Survey research provides an alternative to the experimental method.

    adj. 2. substitutive          대용이 되는

    The city encouraged people to take alternative means of transportation to help reduce traffic congestion.
  2. analogous
    adj. comparable, similar, parallel    유사한

    Archimedes was certain that the wings of an airplane were analogous in function to the wings of a hummingbird.
  3. annually
    adv. yearly, per annum           매년
  4. awkward
    adj. clumsy, unskillful         서투른
  5. capability
    n. fair, talent, ability            재능, 역량

    The school's theater department is confident of its capability to put on a wonderful performance of Romeo & Juliet.
  6. cleanse
    v. purify, clean          깨끗이 하다
  7. collide
    v. hit each other, smash, clash, bumb   충돌하다

    A train collided with a pickup truck late Monday morning in Waukesha County.
  8. congested
    adj. overcrowded, crowded      혼잡, 붐비는

    Downtown was becoming increasingly congested, so another alternative was needed.
  9. contemporary
    adj. current, modern, coexisting, simultaneous          현대의, 동시대의
  10. cover
    v. include, contain, encompass     포함하다
  11. deceitful
    adj. misleading, dishonest, deceptive   허위의,기만적인

    Mattew often uses deceitful promises to keep his girlfriends from leaving him
  12. exception
    n. exclustion                제외
  13. feature
    n. characteristic                특징
  14. fractious
    adj. irritable, petulant, tetchy, fretful  성미가 까다로운, 성을 잘 내는

    Great diplomacy is required at UN Council meetings in order to keep the peace amongst so many fractous nations.
  15. intimate
    adj. close, familiar            친숙한
  16. invariably
    adv. without exception          예외 없이, 반드시, 언제나

    When forced to make decisions, people invariably act in their own interest.
  17. incorporate
    v. combine, include, integrate          통합하다

    Louise traced how Americans incorporate nature into their urban and suburban lives.
  18. inveigle
    v. entice, lure, coax          꾀다, 유혹하다, 감언이설로 구슬리다 

    Advertising for fatty foods has inveigled millions of Americans into poor dietary choices.  
  19. lead
    n. 1. clue, hint, indication     단서

    v. 2. cause                         야기하다
  20. loop
    v. knot                          묶다

    Houdini looped the rope around the leg of the chair.
  21. lucid
    ajd. clear, obvious, distinct       명료한, 명쾌한
  22. master
    v. learn thoroughtly, pick up, grasp    달인, 정통하다
  23. option
    n. choice, selection                     선택
  24. paradoxical
    adj. seemingly contradictory      역설적인
  25. plumage
    n. feather                              깃털
  26. prevent
    v. preclude, avoid, impede, avert    ~을 방해하다, 막다
  27. profuse
    adj. abundant, plentiful, copious, lavish  풍부한, 다량의, 많은

    The Old English sheepdog has a profuse shaggy coat that must be brushed every day to keep it from tangling.
  28. revolve
    v. rotate, circulate, circle, turn        회전하다

    The metal disk revolves at high speed.
  29. scale
    v. 1. climb, mount, ascend        (기어)오르다

    n. 2. extent              정도, 단계

    Farmers must be able to produce food on the scale needed to meet the demands of consumers.
  30. scant
    v. minimize, reduce, decrease            줄이다, 거의 없는, 줄이다

    Rick's free time was scanted by a full courseload and a part-time job.
  31. sensational
    adj. exciting, stimulating       세상을 들끓게 하는
  32. shallow
    adj. not deep, shoal                얕은

    Diving into shallow water is a common cause of neck injuries.
  33. sort (2)
    v. 1. classify, class, assort        분류하다

    Anna got a job sorting letters at the Post Office.

    n. 2. type, kind                           종류
  34. stylus
    n. pen, pencil                     첨필, 바늘

    A stylus is used for navigation and input for personal digital assistant.
  35. typically
    adv. usually, normally, ordinarily  일반적으로

    Pain relief tablets typically take ten to thirty minutes to start working.
  36. vary
    v. differ, be unlike, be diverse    다르다
  37. voracious
    adj. insatiable, greedy, gluttonous  게걸스러운, 만족할 줄 모르는, 탐욕적인

    Growing children can have voracious appetities.
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