Ch 11 Words Part 8

  1. urinary catherization
    process of inserting the urinary catheter
  2. catheter
    flexible tube that is inserted into an opening of the body to transport fluids in or out
  3. urinary catheter
    inserted through the urethra to enter the urinary bladder and is often used to drain urine from a patient who is immobile
  4. urinary endoscopy
    procedural use of an endoscope to observe internal structures of the urinary system
  5. meatoscope
    specialized endoscope for inserting into the urinary meatus
  6. nephroscope
    endoscope used for viewing a kidney
  7. urethroscope
    endoscope used for viewing a urethra
  8. cystoscope
    endoscope used for observing the interior of the urinary bladder
  9. urinometer
    instrument that measures the specific gravity in a sample of urine
  10. urologist
    physician who treats patients with urology problems
  11. urology
    medical field specializing in disorders of the urinary system
  12. vesicourethral suspension
    surgery that is performed to stabilize the position of they urinary bladder
  13. vesicourethral
    performed to treat stress incontinence
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Ch 11 Words Part 8
Ch 11 Words Part 8