Ch 11 Words Part 7

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  1. pyelolithotomy
    incision into the renal pelvis to remove the stone
  2. pyeloplasty
    surgical repair of the renal pelvis
  3. renal transplant
    replacement of a dysfunctioning kidney with a donor kidney
  4. renography
    examination that uses nuclear medicine by IV injection of radioactive material into the patient’s kidneys
  5. genogram
    record from a renography
  6. specific gravity
    • SG
    • measurement of the density of substances in a liquid compared to water
  7. ureterectomy
    surgical excision, removal of a ureter
  8. ureterstomy
    surgical creation of an external opening from the ureter to the body surface
  9. ureterotomy
    procedure that includes the incision into the wall of the ureter
  10. urethropexy
    surgical fixation of the urethra
  11. urethroplasty
    surgical repair of the urethra
  12. urethrostomy
    surgical creation of an opening through the urethra
  13. urethrotomy
    procedure including incision into the wall of the urethra
  14. urinalysis
    • UA
    • combination of clinical test preformed on a urine specimen
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