Ch 11 Words Part 5

  1. voiding cystourethrogram
    • VCUG
    • xray taken before, during and after urination
  2. cystolithotomy
    incision made through urinary bladder wall to remove stone
  3. cystoplasty
    surgical repair of the urinary bladder
  4. cystorrhaphy
    suturing the urinary bladder wall
  5. cystoscopy
    procedure using a modified endoscope to view the interior of the urinary bladder
  6. cystostomy
    surgical creation of an artificial opening into the urinary bladder
  7. cystotomy/ vesicotomy
    incision through the urinary bladder
  8. fulguration
    surgical procedure that destroys living tissue with an electric current
  9. hemodialysis
    procedure that pushes a patient’s blood through permeable membrane with an instrument to remove nitrogenous waste and excess ions that accumulate during normal body metabolism, temporarily replacing the function of the kidney filtration
  10. lithotripsy
    surgical technique that applies concentration sound waves to pulverize or dissolve stones into smaller pieces that may then pass with urine through the urethra
  11. extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy
    • ESWL
    • ultrasonic energy from a source outside of the body is used on stones that are too large to pass through the urethra
  12. nephrectomy
    surgical procedure that removes a kidney
  13. nephrogram
    xray image of the kidney obtained in this procedure
  14. nephrography
    xray technique producing an image of a kidney after injection of a contrast medium or dye
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Ch 11 Words Part 5
Ch 11 Words Part 5