Ch 11 Words Part 1

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  1. urology
    field that specializes in treatment of urinary disease
  2. nephrology
    field that specializes in the treatment of kidney disease
  3. urologist
    a physician specializing in urology
  4. albuminuria/ proteinuria
    albumin in the urine
  5. urinalysis
    clinical procedure that examines the composition of urine using a variety of test
  6. anuresis
    inability to urinate due to a blockage
  7. anuria
    pertaining to without urine
  8. azotemia
    abnormally high levels of urea and other nitrogen containing compounds in the blood
  9. bacteriuria
    abnormal presence of bacteria in the urine
  10. diuresis/polyuria
    excessive discharge of urine
  11. dysuria
    difficulty or pain during urination
  12. glycosuria
    abnormal presence of glucose in the urine
  13. hematuria
    pertaining to bloody urine or urination
  14. ketonuria
    abnormal presence of keytone bodies in the urine
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