Spanish Phrases April

  1. I am going for a walk with Bugs
    Voya dar un paseo con Bugs
  2. I am going to study every day for 2 hours or so
    Voya estudiar todos los dias por dos horas mas o menos
  3. We are going to take Dani to dinner tonight
    Vamos a llevar a Dani a la cena esta noche
  4. To have excitement
    I have a lot of excitement to live in Spain
    Tengo muchas ganas de vivir en Espana
  5. no, not yet
    no todavia no
  6. to taste good or bad
    it tastes good
    It tasted bad
    • Saber bien o mal
    • Sabe bien
    • Supo mal
  7. To stop doing... something
    -The Spanish people have stopped smoking in the Restaurants
    • Dejar de
    • -La gente de Espana ha dejado de fumar en los Restaurantes.
  8. They do not do it
    She did not do it
    • no lo Hacen
    • Ella No lo Hizo
  9. I tried it and I didn't like it (tasted it)
    Yo lo Probe y no me gusto
  10. What do you mean?
    (what do you want to say)
    Que quire decir
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