Art History Ancient Rome

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    1. Made for the gladiatorial games

    2. Constructed by Vespasian 100 days of games to celebrate the opening of the colosseum

    3. 80 ce it was opened

    4. 9000 animals killed first 100 days

    5. 900 feet wide 616 feet 9 inches in length 511 feet wide

    6. Built to hold 45,000-50,000 people

    7. Made out of concrete faced in travertine

    8. There are 80 barrel vaults in the bottom

    9. Each vault is acting like a buttress for each vault, providing support

    10. Tuscan columns are at the bottom of the colosseum

    11. Next level has ionic then the third is corinthian columns

    12. Seating order, women and slaves sat on top

    13. Used sand to absorb the body fluid lost from the gladiators and animals, also it was easy to clean up

    14. Flavian theater was the original name for it because the flavian family paid for it
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    1. Made out of concrete

    2.Columns were imported from egypt

    3.Pan means all many

    4. Temple of all of the God’s

    5. First Pantheon Built under Augustus Caesar by Agrippa

    6. Destroyed by a fire of 8 ce

    7. This is the third Pantheon completed under hadrian 180 ce

    8. The inscription still has Agrippa on it, as of respect for building the first Pantheon

    9. Made it so the dome was hidden and you get surprised

    10. Octale styled Columns were made out of pink granite from Egypt

    11. Engaged bronze and plaster guilds

    12. Oculus opened in the sky

    13. Oculus 27 feet wide143 feet is also the dome’s diameter

    14. Created an illusion that the dome is separate and in motion

    15. used travertine for the aggregate so that the dome doesn't weigh too much, makes the concrete lighter when going up the dome
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    1. This is the column of Trajan

    2. Made between 106-103 ce

    3. Made in a small court in Trajan’s Forums

    4. Trajan was the emperor when this was built, Statue of emperor was on top of the column but was then destroyed

    5. Spiral staircase that goes all the way to the top

    6. 125 feet tall

    7. Credited to Apollodorus Frieze 630 feet long, winds counter clockwise around the shaft

    8. third band is where they start building bridges

    9. 150 different episodes shown across this column

    10. The episodes are about a war, making strategies, building camps, but no combat

    11. Inspired by a continuous scroll, may have been the inspiration of the column

    12. The pictures are of the war against the Drajan

    13. Danube river is personified as a man with a beard
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    1. This is the Arch of Constantine 

    2. Put up in 315 ce

    3. Dedicated this Art to Constantine

    4. Triple bane arch- three arches

    5.Next to the colosseum

    6.At the top there is figures called dajans to represent dajan prisoners

    7.The frieze are between the dejan's

    8. In the circle’s tondi are about hunting, belonged to a hadrian monument

    9. 8 panels in the attic dedicated to Marcus aurelius

    10. Recarved the heads of previous emperors they changed the head to Constantine

    11. Spoloia- Carved the basis of the column and reliefs inside the arch, not very good heads are too big, bodies disproportional

    12.First Christian emperor
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