Theatre test 4

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  1. Greek theatre began as worship for what and To whom?
    Worshiping Dionysus for the growth of crops.
  2. What is the main part of Greek performance that varied in number through the years?
  3. What types of play were entered for competition in the annual Greek festivals?
  4. During the City Dionysia who took care of the playwrights Of the actors?
    • Playwrights –Choregos
    • Actors - Sponsored by city/state
  5. What is a skene?
  6. How big was the Greek chorus at it’s smallest?
  7. What were the 2 reasons/conventions for the chorus to remain in Greek theatre after individual characters were introduced?
    React and Commenting on Characters and Literation with Characters warning
  8. The Poetics say what about a play’s spectacle if the playwright has done a good job?
    Design and acting should not be noticed
  9. The Romans liked which form of theatre best?
    Gladiators or comedy
  10. What was the first permanent Roman theatre?
    Theatre of Pompey
  11. How did the Romans adapt the Greek chorus?
    Prologue – 1 Character addressing audience and commenting on the actica
  12. Were actors treated differently in Rome than they were in Greece?
    They were slaves
  13. Know what a pageant wagon was used for and during what era?
    Middle ages
  14. Know what type of play a mystery play is?
    Mesterium = ‘Occupation”
  15. Italy gave us what 2 genres (not types of plays) during the Renaissance?
    Opera and ballet
  16. What theatre was built with the first proscenium arch?
    Teatro Farnese 1618
  17. Know what the definition of a slapstick is?
    2 pieces of wood winged to emulate sound of a hit
  18. Know which Commedia Dell’Arte character was recently added to list of stock characters?
  19. What is the defining costume piece in Commedia Dell’Arte?
  20. Who introduced Commedia Dell’Arte to France?
    Catherine de’Medici
  21. What is an autos sacramentales?
    Religious play of the time
  22. What’s a breeches role?
    Women’s character wore men’s clothing
  23. The next great movement in theatre after ancient Greece was what era?
    English Rennaisance
  24. What Shakespeare play did we watch videos about that were created in an updated rap style?
  25. What event happened to Moliere’s son that caused him to write a play?
    His son dying to an incompetent Dr
  26. The Puritans were responsible for closing down theatres after which era/movement?
    Killing King Charles English Renaissance
  27. The French Renaissance theatre heavily influenced what movement?
  28. Know when the Comedy of Manners surfaced?
    Roman Empire
  29. Define an aside?
    Actor talks to audience
  30. Define a soliloquy?
    Character speaking alloud to let the audience know his thoughts
  31. How many professional theatre companies were there in the English Restoration?
  32. Could women perform during the English restoration?
  33. Know the elements of a ‘sturm und drang’ play.
    Storm and stress Movement
  34. When was the first African American theatre company established?
    1821 James Brown US
  35. Oedipus the King?
  36. Persians?
  37. Medea?
  38. Dr. Faustus?
    Christopher Marlowe
  39. Life Is A Dream?
    Pedro Calderon de la Barca
  40. Volpone?
    Ben Johnson
  41. Tartuffe?
  42. The Country Wife?
    William Wycherley
  43. Everyman?
    Associated by everyone
  44. Muslim passion play?
    Wore Green
  45. Roman playwright born as a slave?
  46. Possibly not a real person but a pseudonym?
    William Shakespeare
  47. Aphra Behn?
    First English professional writer
  48. Edwin Booth?
    Assasins brother
  49. Sarah Bernhardt?
    The most famous actress ever
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