BOP Liability Provisions

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  1. BOP Liability Coverages
    The businessowners liability coverage form provides three categories of coverage:

    • business liability coverage for covered damages for which the insured is legally liable, subject to the applicable limit of insurance;
    • supplementary payments for expenses associated with claims and suits defended by the insurer, in addition to the limits of insurance; and
    • medical expenses in connection with an accident on the insured's premises or involving the insured's operations, regardless of fault, subject to the medical payments limit.
  2. Business Liability Coverage Covers
    Business liability coverage covers "sums the insured becomes legally obligated to pay as damages" for:

    • bodily injury
    • property damage (including fire or explosion damage to rented premises)
    • personal and advertising injury
  3. Bodily Injury Liability
    includes injury, sickness, disease and death.
  4. Property Damage Liability
    applies to physical damage to tangible property, including loss of use.
  5. Personal & Advertising Injury Liability
    • slander or libel
    • a violation of privacy rights
    • an invasion of right of private occupancy
    • false arrest, detention, or imprisonment
    • malicious prosecution
    • copyright infringement
    • trade dress, or slogan infringement in the insured's advertising
    • use of another's advertising idea in the insured's advertising
  6. Defense Costs
    Defense costs have no dollar limit and are in addition to the stated limit of insurance.
  7. Supplementary Payments
    • (in addition to the limits of insurance) include:
    • investigation and defense costs
    • prejudgment interest
    • post-judgment interest
  8. Medical Expenses
    Medical expenses are payable without regard to fault (in the hope of preventing a lawsuit in connection with the injury).
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