1. Generic: atropine
    Brand: Atropisol

    Category: Anticholinergic
  2. Generic: digitalis
    Brand: Digoxin

    Category: Cardiac Agent
  3. Generic: morphine
    Brand: Duramorph

    Category: Analgesic
  4. Generic: thrombin
    Brand Name: Thrombogen

    Category: Topical hemostatic
  5. Generic: silver sulfadiazine
    Brand Name: Silvadene

    Category: Dermatologic agent
  6. Generic: meperidine
    Brand: Demerol

    Category: Analgesic
  7. Generic: amoxicillin
    Brand: Amoxil

    Category: Antibiotic
  8. Generic: human insulin
    Brand: Humulin

    Category: Hormone
  9. Generic: heparin
    Brand: Calciparin

    Category: Anticoagulant
  10. Generic: lidocaine
    Brand: Xylocaine

    Category: Anesthetic
  11. Generic: bacitracin, neomycin, polymixin B
    Brand: Neosporin

    Category: Antibiotic
  12. Generic: neomycin, polymixin B, hydryocortisone
    Brand: Cortisporin

    Category: Combination antibiotic and anti-inflammatory agent
  13. Generic: betamethasone
    Brand: Celestone

    Category: Anti-inflammatory agent
  14. Generic: propofol
    Brand: Diprivan

    Category: Sedative/hypnotic anesthetic agent
  15. Generic: desflurane
    Brand: Suprane

    Category: Anesthetic agent
  16. Generic: sodium citrate
    Brand: Bicitra

    Category: Antacid
  17. Generic: tetracaine
    Brand: Pontocaine

    Category: Anesthetic
  18. Generic: phenylephrine
    Brand: Neosynephrine

    Category: Vasoconstrictor
  19. Generic: methylene blue
    Brand: Urolene Blue

    Category: Diagnostic agent
  20. Generic: ketorolac
    Brand: Toradol

    Category: Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory
  21. Generic: bupivicaine
    Brand: Marcaine

    Category: Anesthetic
  22. Generic: epinephrine
    Brand: Adrenalin

    Category: Hormone
  23. Generic: warfarin
    Brand: Coumadin

    Category: Antigoagulant
  24. Generic: succinylcholine
    Brand: Anectine

    Category: Muscle relaxant
  25. Generic: mannitol
    Brand: Osmitrol

    Category: Diuretic
  26. Generic: Alfentanyl
    Brand: Alfenta

    Category: Opioid analgesic
  27. Generic: cocaine
    Brand: N/A

    Category: Narcotic and topical anesthetic
  28. Generic: codeine
    Brand: codeine

    Category: Narcotic
  29. Generic: morphine
    Brand: Astramorph

    Category: Narcotic
  30. Generic: diazepam
    Brand: Valium

    Category: Sedative
  31. Generic: lorazapam
    Brand: Ativan

    Category: Sedative
  32. Generic: zidovudine
    Brand: ZVT, AZT

    Category: Anti-viral
  33. Generic: cephalothin sodium
    Brand: Keflin

    Category: Antibiotic
  34. Generic: furosemide
    Brand: Lasix

    Category: Loop diuretic
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