Unit 21: away and into

  1. "meet someone you know when you did not expect to see them"
    "run into sb / bump into sb"
  2. "investigate and examine the facts about some problem or situation"
    "look into doing sth"
  3. "suddenly start to produce some noise like crying, laughing, or singing"
    "burst into (e.g. tears)"
  4. "believe something is very important while it might be not"
    "read sth into"
  5. "describe in a detailed way"
    "go into"
  6. "start doing something with a lot of enthusiasm and energy"
    "throw yourself into"
  7. "start to become involved in something like discussion"
    "enter into"
  8. "put things to where they should be after using them"
    "tidy (sth) away (sth)"
  9. "put something in a pack or container where it's kept"
    "pack (sth) away (sth)"
  10. "force somebody to stop doing something in order to do something else"
    "tear sb away (from) // ????????? ??"
  11. "avoid something"
    "stay away from sth"
  12. "write to an organisation to ask them to send you something"
    "send away for sth"
  13. "go to a place where you can be alone, usually so that you can work"
    "lock yourself away"
  14. "leave a place secretly because you were unhappy there"
    "run away (from)"
  15. "not go to a place"
    "keep away"
  16. "knock against sth, usually by accident"
    "bang into sth"
  17. "make a person or animal so frightened that they go away"
    "scare away"
  18. "start doing or saying something in a very enthusiastic way"
    "launch into"
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Unit 21: away and into
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