Common Mistakes

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  1. Fluticasone furoate Nasal Spray is a thick suspension that becomes liquid when vigorously  shaken. It will only spray when it becomes liquid. Is this statement 
    a. True 
    b. False
    A. True
  2. For which patient group is Xyzal contraindicated?
    Patients with rare hereditary problems of galactose intolerance
  3. Accdg to Molimard, Levocetirizine vs Desloratadine on wheal and flare response, at 4 hrs was 100% for Levocetirizine whereas it was 55% for Desloratadine. True or False?
  4. Fluticasone furoate has negligible systemic exposure inhalation, what could be the reason for this?
    Fluticasone furoate undergoes extensive first pass metabolism and incomplete absorption in the liver and gut.
  5. Accdg to Pampura, what are the adverse effects associated with first generation H1antihistamines?
    Sedation, sleepiness or drowsiness as well as difficulties in learning and cognitive processing
  6. Based on the ARIA guidelines of 2010, for patients with AR, new generation over old generation oral H1 antihistamines (strong recommendation; low quality evidence) are recommended. True or False?
  7. Accdg to the study mentioned in the report by Pampura, what is the percentage of Neurologic/ behavioral events reported during 18 months treatment with Levocetirizine?
  8. As per ARIA 2010 and the Allergies in the Asia Pacific Survey 2010, approximately how many % of Asthma patients have Allergic rhinitis?
  9. What cellular process develop once antihistamines are released by the mast cells?
    • Congestion
    • inflammation
    • swelling
    • mucus production
  10. What neurological condition patients with pruritus may experienced?
    Anxiety and depression
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