Health Science 2211- Module 3 Lecture 3

  1. Diabetes is a major cause of what 2 crisis'?
    • personal crisis for people living with the disease, and for their family.
    • financial crisis for our healthcare system
  2. describe the 2 economic costs of diabetes.
    • Direct costs: associated with health care paid for by public or private health insurances or by individuals and their family
    • Indirect costs: non-health care costs that impact the economy and individuals when productivity is loss due to sickness, disability of premature death
  3. what does direct costs in diabetes include?
    • direct hospitalization costs (amputation, dialysis etc.)
    • general practitioner costs and specialist costs
    • diabetes mediation cost
  4. what is the largest cost for mortality?
    indirect cost
  5. what are some examples of indirect costs in diabetes?
    • Mortality costs:
    • lost production
    • premature death as a result of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes

    • Long-term disability costs:
    • lost production
    • reduced productivity
    • time away from work
  6. what was the economic burden of diabetes in Canada in 2010?
    $12.2 billion
  7. The direct costs of diabetes now accounts for ___% of public health care spending in Canada.
  8. The estimated costs of diabetes likely underestimates the true burden because it omits tangibles such as? (3)
    • pain and suffering
    • care provided by non-paid care givers
    • several areas of health care spending (diabetics use more dental and optometry)
  9. today approximately how many Canadians have diabetes and how many will develop complications?
    • approximately 2 million Canadians have diabetes
    • 40% will develop complications (4 of 10 people)
  10. what are the 2 main categories of complications associated with diabetes?
    • Cardiovascular diseases
    • kidney disease
  11. For future directions, we can effectively target high-risk populations such as? (3)
    • aging population
    • immigration from high risk populations
    • growth in aboriginal populations 
  12. For future directions, we can act on modifiable risk factors such as? (3)
    • obesity
    • physical inactivity
    • calorie dense/high-fat diet
  13. what is the defining characteristic of diabetes mellitus?
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