Chapter 33

  1. Orbits
    Eye sockets; evaluate for bruising, swelling, laceration, and tenderness
  2. Eyelids
    Evaluate for bruising, swelling and laceration
  3. Conjunctivae
    Evaluate for redness, pus, and foreign bodies
  4. Globes
    Evaluate for redness, abnormal coloring, and laceration
  5. Pupils
    Evaluate for size, shape, equality, and reactivity to light
  6. Cornea
    Clear front portion of the eye
  7. Diplopia
    Double vision
  8. Anterior Chamber
    The front chamber of the eye containing the aqueous humor
  9. Iris
    Colored portion of the eye that surrounds the pupil
  10. Sclera
    The outer coating of the eye; the exposed portion is the white of the eye
  11. Mandible
    Lower jaw
  12. Maxilla
    Upper jaw
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Chapter 33
Eye, Face, and Neck Trauma