Day 15

  1. affluent
    adj. wealthy, plentiful, opulent, abundant  부유한, 풍족한

    Jackie came from an affluent family.
  2. aggravate
    v. worsen, exacerbate        악화시키다

    Heather's poor health condition was aggravated by excessive stress and a lack of sleep
  3. cling to
    phr. hold tightly, stick to, adhere to  달라붙다, 고수하다

    Static electricity can make light objects cling to one another.
  4. craft
    v. skillfully produce, fabricate, make  솜씨있게 만들다

    The artisans crafted some elaborately decorated pottery.
  5. critic
    n. reviewer, judge        비평가

    Today critics have begun to understand the importance of Wilson's writings.  
  6. crest
    n. acme, peak, apex, top, crown  정상, 산마루

    the crest of the tidal wave reached ten meters high.
  7. cross-hatching
    n. shade                음영
  8. decimate
    v. eliminate, wipe out, extinguish, eradicate  많은 사람을 죽이다, 대량으로 죽이다.

    The Black Plague decimated the population in Europe.
  9. disciple
    n. pupil, student, scholar              제자
  10. disclose
    v. reveal, divulge, unveil    (사실 등을) 밝히다

    Government officials disclosed that they had been negotiating with the rebels.
  11. disposition
    n. temperament, temper, nature, spirit   성질, (타고난) 기질

    The disposition of some animals makes them impossible to domesticate.
  12. dissimilar
    adj. different, heterogeneous, unlike   다른
  13. dominant
    adj. supreme, prevailing, ruling      우세한, 지배적인
  14. effect
    n. influence, impact, result, consequence  영향, 결과
  15. enhance
    v. improve, enrich, intensify, upgrade  향상 시키다, 개선하다

    The invention of the telegraph enhanced the speed of communication.
  16. enunciate
    v. ariculate, phonate, pronounce 분명하게 말하다, 또렷이 발음하다

    Tom Cruise enunciated his French lines precisely in the movie.
  17. eradicate
    v. root up, extripate, eliminate, remove 근절하다, 뿌리뽑다

    The US spends $50 billion per year trying to eradicate drugs from its borders.
  18. harsh
    adj. severe, rigorous, inclement    가혹한
  19. heritage
    n. tradition, inheritance, legacy     전통, 유산
  20. inappropriate
    adj. improper, unsuitable            부적당한
  21. insolent
    adj. impudent, impertient, rude      무례한, 버릇없는

    Dan was coldly insolent to those he considered his inferiors.
  22. jeopardy
    n. danger, venture, peril risk, hazard   위험

    Deflation in farmland prices placed many farmers in financial jeopardy.
  23. luxury
    n. extravagance, frill                  사치
  24. manipulate
    v. operate, control, handle, maneuver  조종하다, 다루다
  25. mock
    v. ridicule, make fun of, deride    조롱하다
  26. precious
    adj. valuable, dear, priceless   귀중한
  27. regard
    n. attention, notice, affection, respect  관심, 호감, 존경
  28. return
    v. recur, revert, come back      되돌아 가다
  29. set
    v. situate, place, put, lay, locate     ~을 놓다
  30. spacious
    adj. roomy, ample, capacious         넒은
  31. spectator
    n. viewer, observer                 구경꾼, 관객
  32. strict
    adj. rigid, rigorous, straingent         엄격한
  33. swift
    adj. quick, speedy, fleet        빠른, 신속한

    With a swift movement, Maggie stood upright
  34. synchronize
    v. occur at the same time   동시에 일어나다
  35. throughout
    prep. in every part of, in all parts of    ~의 도처에
  36. undermine
    v. attenuate, weaken      (자신감,권위 등을) 약화시키다 

    Income reductions have undermined the foundation of the middle class.
  37. upset
    v. 1. capsize, overthorow, overturn  뒤엎다, 전복시키다

    The underdogs team upset the champions in the final soccer match.

    v. 2. disturb, distress, perturb       당황하게 하다

    The mayor's ignorance upset the whole city.
  38. virtuous
    adj. righteous, good, moral        덕 있는

    Bernard was known as a courageous and viruous man.
  39. wrangle
    v. argue, debate, quarrel, bicker   논쟁하다, 말다툼하다

    Israel and Palestine have been wrangling over the West Bank territory for more than 30 years.
  40. withdraw
    v. retire, retreat             물러나다,철수하다

    Stanton has completely withdrawn from public life to devote himself to his books.
  41. worship
    v. venerate, revere, respect        숭배하다
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