Chapter 3 Vocab.txt

  1. SI system of units
    A particular choice of metric units that was adopted in 1960 as a standard for making metric system measurements
  2. SI-derived unit
    Is a unit derived by combining two or more as SI base units
  3. Meter
    SI system base unit of length, A meter equals 1.09 yards
  4. Kilogram
    The SI system base unit of mass
  5. Mass
    A measure if the total quantity of matter in an object.
  6. Weight
    A measure of the force exerted on an object by gravitational forces
  7. Area
    A measure of the extent of a surface
  8. Volume
    A measure of the amount of space occupied by an object
  9. Cubic meter
    SI system unit of volume
  10. Liter
    A volume equal to that of a cube whose sides are 1dm or 10cm in length. A liter equals 1.06 quarts
  11. Conversion factor
    A ratio that specifies how one unit of measurement is related to another unit of measurement
  12. Dimensional Analysis
    A general problem-solving method in which unit associated numbers are used as a guide in setting up calculations
  13. Density
    The ratio of the mass of an object to the volume occupied by that object. Density equals mass over volume
  14. Equivalence conversion factor
    A ratio that converts one type of measure to a different type of measure
  15. Equality conversion factor
    A ratio that converts one unit of a given measure to another unit of the same measure
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