Boat Safety

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  1. What side of the boat is called the port?
    left side
  2. Where is the stern?
    At the back of the vessel
  3. What are the basic types of vessel hulls?
    • displacement
    • planing
  4. What are the four basic hull shapes?
    • deep vee
    • round bottom
    • multi-hull
    • flat bottom
  5. What are the four length classes of vessels?
    • Class A
    • Class 1
    • Class 2
    • Class 3
  6. What are the four basic types of engines?
    • inboard
    • outboard
    • jet drive
    • stern drive
  7. What two engines are automotive engines adapted for marine use?
    • stern drive
    • inboard
  8. What does the Coast Guard consider a PCW?
    inboard vessels less than 16ft in lenth
  9. What is the name of the device used to pump and force water under pressure through a steering nozzle at the end of the vessel?
  10. What are the three things you should include on your float plan?
    • vessel's description 
    • trip plan
    • names and addresses of passengers onboard
  11. What are the thing things you should do while putting gas in your vessel?
    • keep the nozzle in contact with the tank opening
    • fill tank slowly and avoid spilling 
    • never fill to the brim
  12. What is the rule of thumb to prevent running out of gas?
    1/3 there, 1/3 back, 1/3 reserve
  13. If the combined weight of the vessel and engine is more than ______%, of the trailer's recommended load capacity, you should get another trailer.
  14. What is the amount of weight pressing down on the towing hitch called?
    tongue weight
  15. How should the two safely chains be supported just in case the trailer detaches from the hitch?
    they should be crisscrossed
  16. Where should you prepare your vessel to launch?
    well away from the ramp
  17. What are some maintenance tips for keeping your engine running properly?
    • check oil levels
    • keep well tuned
    • change oil
    • grease and lubricate
    • check for anything loose
    • check batteries
  18. If the wind direction is toward the dock, you should cast off the _____ ______when first leaving the dock.
    stern line
  19. If you are driving a PWC, and you appear to meet another PWC head on, you should move to the ______.
  20. If you see a red and white light at night you should________.
    give way to the other vessel
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