Major Depression Continueda

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  1. different ____ of people dont become ____ as easily
    groups; depressed
  2. with the three dimensions (global, stable, internal) we are able to ____ differences in people
  3. Biological Treatments for Depression: Major Depression

    -___-depressants and _____ convulsive therapy
    anti; electro
  4. Biological Treatments for Depression: Major Depression

    ECT- causes _____ of the brain and can ____ symptoms but cannot cure the cause
    synchronization; reduce
  5. First Gen of Anti Depressants...
    • -monamine oxidase inhibitors (MAO)
    • -Tricyclics
  6. Second Gen of Anti Depressants
    • -Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI)
    • -and for mania, Lithium
  7. -enzyme that breaks down norepinephrine
    -can break down liver
    -can raise blood pressure
    Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAO)
  8. -suppress norepinephrine and serotonin reuptake mechanisms
    -about 2x as effective as placebo effects
  9. -almost as effective as tricyclics
    -harder to overdose on
    -lowers sex drive
    selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
  10. -can reduce symptoms, cannot control the cause
    -brings person down from their mania
  11. Behavior Therapy:

    increase ___ events!
  12. Behavior Therapy:

    depressed people ____ the number of activities they do, which means they have ____ pleasure and their ____ goes down
    decrease; less; mood
  13. Behavior Therapy:

    give depressed people a list of _____ activities to complete between sessions
  14. Behavior Therapy:

    -When a patient gets pleasure, it ____ depression
    decreases; and elevates mood!
  15. Behavior Therapy:

    when someone has been depressed for years, they must be taught effective ___ skills
  16. Cognitive Therapy:

    -Big one is ____ Emotive Therapy (Albert Ellis)
  17. Rational emotive therapy is the most ____ used therapy for depression
  18. Aaron Becks 4 Steps:
    • 1- increase activity and elevate mood
    • 2- challenge automatic thoughts
    • 3- identify negative thinking
    • 4- change errors in thought
  19. Aaron Becks 4 Steps: 1st step

    increase activity and elevate mood
  20. Aaron Becks 4 Steps: 2nd step


    -discuss thinking patterns
    challenge automatic thoughts
  21. Aaron Becks 4 Steps: 3rd step

    identify negative thinking errors
  22. Aaron Becks 4 Steps: 4th step


    -increase flexible optimism
    -get them to be more like non depressed people
    -essentially asking them to no see reality as they do
    change errors in thought
  23. Ellis' View

    "I must be ____ at everything"
    "I must be ____ by everyone"
    "I'm stupid if i make a ____"
    successful; liked; mistake
  24. Effectiveness of Cognitive Therapy:

    Works as well as ___-_____ for Major Depressive Disorder
  25. Effectiveness of Cognitive Therapy:

    CT is ____ lasting, and people are less ____ than medicated people
    longer; suicidal
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