latin pliny

  1. hometown
    • Novum Comum (Como)
    • NE Italy
  2. family’s ordo
    • equestrian
    • local nobility
  3. full name
    Publius Caecilius Secundus
  4. birthdate
    61/62 AD
  5. Verginius Rufus
    • Pliny’s guardian
    • respected elder statesman
    • refused 3 times to become emperor
  6. new name when uncle adopted him
    C. Plinius Caecilius Secundus
  7. uncle known as...
    Pliny the Elder
  8. Pliny’s teacher and what he taught
    • Quintilian
    • taught public speaking and composition
  9. public career office positions
    • 89AD- quaestor
    • 91AD- tribune of people
    • 93AD- praetor
    • chief of various treasury bureaus
    • 1st in military office
    • 1st in state treasury
    • age 39 consul
  10. Trajan
    Roman emperor who Pliny though was excellent public servant
  11. death
    age 53 at post
  12. marriage
    3rd wife- Caipurnia
  13. how does his letters differ from Cicero?
    letters are comprised with eye to publication instead of strictly private
  14. what do his letters provide readers?
    glimpses of life in early empire
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