Graphic Design

  1. Bleed
    A printed area that extends beyond the trimmed edge of a printed piece
  2. Body Text
    Body of written content on a page or document. Also called body copy or text.
  3. Bulking Dummy
    Sheets of selected paper, bound in the specified number of pages and trimmed to size, to simulate how a publication will look and feel before it is printed
  4. Caption
    A word, phase of a sentence placed close to a photograph or illustration as a means of identifying or describing it. Also called a cutline
  5. Centered
    Text or lines of type centered on a central vertical axis.
  6. Character
    All items on the keyboard, including letters of the alphabet, numbers and punctuation marks, that are part of a font.
  7. Column
    Blocks of type or text set at the same width.
  8. Column Guides
    Guides are used to mark out the grid format that the body text element of a page will take.
  9. Copy
    The raw editorial text supplied for formatting into a designed document.
  10. Cropmarks
    Printed cutting lines on a printed sheet of artwork or completed job. They are there to indicate where the publication should be trimmed.
  11. Deck
    A phrase, sentence
  12. Die Cutting
    The process whereby shapes are cut out of paper, or other substrates. Designers will generally have to specify a cutting grid, in their page layout or vector drawing program, that the printer will use as a guide for making the Die.
  13. Display Advertisement
    Printed advertisement that takes up full page in a publication.
  14. Double Spread
    A magazine design layout that spans across two pages.
  15. Dots-Per-Inch (DPI)
  16. Drop Shadow
    A shading effect used to give the appearance of raised type or graphic on the designed page.
  17. Duotone
    A black and white photographic image that has been given a color tint, by duplicating the image onto a second color channel.
  18. Folio
    One page- one side of a half
  19. For Position Only (FPO)
  20. Flush left/ Ragged Right
  21. Flush Right/Ragged Left
  22. Focal Point
  23. Font
  24. Four Color System/ Four Color Process
  25. Full Bleed
  26. Grayscale Image
  27. Grid
  28. Gutter
  29. Halftone
  30. Headline
  31. Justified
  32. Kerning
  33. Layout
  34. Leading
  35. Line Art
  36. Line Length
  37. Logotype (logo)
  38. Margin
  39. Masthead
  40. Master Page
  41. Pixels Per Inch (PPI)
  42. Orphan
  43. Point
  44. Points of Entry
  45. Process Color
  46. Pull Quote
  47. Rivers
  48. San Serif
  49. Script
  50. Serif
  51. Sidebar
  52. Signature
  53. Spread
  54. Subhead
  55. Symbols
  56. Tint
  57. Tracking
  58. Typeface
  59. Typestyle
  60. Type Family
  61. Crop
    To trim an image to a size that best enhances the contents or to make it fit into the allocated space in the design.
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