Music of Silence Parks 1st Scene

  1. [Upon entering.]
    Sorry I'm late. Things have been a little hectic this morning. [set files and coffee on his desk.] I'm Dr. Parks. You can call me Frank. [Shake.] Octavius Zapala isn't it?
  2. OTTO: Otto.
    Can I get you some coffee?
  3. OTTO: No, I'm good.
    Is it bright in here?
  4. OTTO: Huh?
    I said is it bright in here? ... Sunglasses...
  5. OTTO: On, no, just a little headache, that's all.
    Ah, long night?
  6. OTTO: Aren't they all?
    I can only imagine.
  7. OTTO: Uhuh... [silence] So, Doc...
    Why are you here?
  8. OTTO: Huh?
    Why are you here, Otto? Why did you come?
  9. OTTO: Is that what you ask all your patients?
    Most of my patients come here against their wishes, but I want to know your reasons.
  10. OTTO: Ah...
    Why are you here?
  11. OTTO: To shut my sister up.
    Do you feel you need to shut her up? To shut your family up? To shut them out?
  12. OTTO: Ha, if they were yours, you would, too.
    Why don't you tell me about them?
  13. OTTO: No.
    Seems like your family really cares about you.
  14. OTTO: Sure.
    And you listen to some degree. I mean, you took the card.
  15. OTTO: Sure.
  16. OTTO: What do you want from this, Doc? Am I supposed to spill my guts or... what?
    I just want to have a conversation.
  17. OTTO: A conversation?
  18. OTTO: All you're doing is asking me questions. Not much of a back and forth... And if you want a real conversation, probably be easier over a beer.
    Probably be easier for me if you weren't wearing those sun-
  19. OTTO: Really? With the fuckin' sunglasses again?
    Why do-
  20. OTTO: I guess my future is just too damn bright.
    I don't know about you, but I like to look people in the eye-
  21. OTTO: My eyes ain't too pretty right now, doc.
    You a bit of a drinker?
  22. OTTO: Sometimes.
    They're ugly because of your drinking?
  23. OTTO: Maybe they are. You want me to say I'm a drunk? Fine, I'm a drunk.
    Do you honestly think of yourself as an alcoholic?
  24. OTTO: Sure, why not-
    I don't believe you.
  25. OTTO: You don't believe me?
  26. OTTO: I just admitted I'm a drunk, what more do you want?
    The truth-
  27. OTTO: You calling me a liar?
  28. OTTO: [rant]... We on a level, doc?! Are we on the same fucking page now?!
    Now that, I believe. [Pause.] What do you do for a living, Otto?
  29. OTTO: Nothing.
    I heard you were in a band.
  30. OTTO: Then why'd you ask?
    What instrument?
  31. OTTO: None.
    Guitar, right? I play as well. Violin. Maybe we should have a jam session some-
  32. OTTO: No.
    Why not?
  33. OTTO: No.
    No what?
  34. OTTO: Is this really gonna be your tactic? Making music?
    It's not a tactic-
  35. OTTO: [rant]'s plain and simple, I just don't give a shit anymore. And I could give a fuck less what you think...
    Uhuh... Well, for the record, your sister isn't paying me shit. I'm doing this out of kindness, 'cause you're not the only who's had their heart torn apart. But I could end these sessions at any time-
  36. OTTO: Yeah, well, don't do me any favors.
    Fuck you, buddy!
  37. OTTO: Whoa!
    I understand you've been through hell recently and its rough, but you have no right to treat other people like shit because of your pain! Quick news flash, fuckstick, you're not the only one to wake up every morning wishing it was over! Wish that every night when you close your eyes you didn't have to wake up and relive the worst day of your life, in your ind, over and over and over!
  38. OTTO: Wow, doc... Did I hit a chord?
    You're not the only one life's been unkind to. You'd be good to remember that...
  39. [Pause. Start shuffling through paperwork.] OTTO: That it? We done?
    Yeah. [Otto starts toward the door.] Come back when you've learned to show a little respect. [Otto exits. Throw my pen.] Prick.
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Music of Silence Parks 1st Scene
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