Ch. 7 Bones a

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    What are the principal features of a long bone?
    • Diaphysis (the shaft)
    • Epiphysis (heads at each end of the bone)
    • Articular cartilage: The joint surface where bones meet and is made up of hyaline cartilage
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    What is the hole called where blood vessels enter?
    The nutrient foramina
  3. What is the bone type called that composes the outer shell of long bones?

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    Compact bone, made of dense, white, osseous tissue
  4. What is the cavity called in the middle of the long bone and what fills it?
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    Medullary cavity, contains yellow bone marrow
  5. What type of bone is in the ends of long bones?
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    Spongy bone, less organized form of osseous tissue
  6. What is the external sheath of long bones? What is this made of?
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    The periosteum. Composed of a tough, outer layer of collagen, and an inner osteogenic layer
  7. What is the Endosteum?
    The thin layer of reticular connective tissue that lines the medullary cavity and surfaces of spongy bone. Contains cells that dissolve and deposit osseous tissue
  8. What is the Epiphyseal plate?
    The growth plate. Open when we are getting longer and disappears at around age 18 when the diaphysis and epiphysis join and we stop growing.
  9. What is the construction of flat bones?
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    Sandwich-like, two layers of compact bone with a layer of spongy bone in between. Both layers of compact bone are lined with periosteum facing outward. Endosteum lines spaces in spongy bone.
  10. What is the special name for the spongy layer in the cranium bones?
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    Diploe, absorbs shock.
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