Surface anatomy

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  1. Buccal
  2. Mental
  3. Bridge of nose
    Part of nose by eyebrow arches
  4. Superciliary arch
  5. Philtrum
    Canal above lip
  6. Superior palpebra
    Upper eyelid
  7. Dorsum nasi
    Nose canal (leading to apex)
  8. Inferior palpebra
    Bottom eyelid
  9. Ala nasi
    Rounded lateral part of nose (snout)
  10. Sternoclavicular joint
    (2) Where sternum and clavicle meet
  11. Sternal notch
    Dip in sternum
  12. Sternocleidomastoid muscle
    "V" muscle in neck that you can feel when you turn your head
  13. Carotid triangle
    Area in neck where you can take your pulse
  14. Acromion
    Shoulder (between the clavicle and the tip/edge)
  15. Trapezius
    Starts at shoulders (area where I always get knots) and goes down (diamond-shaped)
  16. Deltoid
    Muscle above biceps (edge/tip of shoulder)
  17. Manubrium
    Triangular-shaped, superior portion of the sternum; below sternal notch
  18. Sternal angle
    Where the first rib meets the sternum
  19. Xiphoid process
    Tip of sternum
  20. Costal margin
    Tips of bottom ribs
  21. Pectoralis major
    "Fat pads"
  22. Linea alba
    Anterior midline
  23. Rectus abdominis
    6-pack muscles
  24. Serratus anterior
    Thoracic cavity; by ribs; feather-like
  25. Inguinal ligament
    V-shaped muscle leading to groin
  26. Triangle of auscultation
    Right below the scapula
  27. Axilla
  28. Palmaris longus tendon
    The tendon in the middle of your arm (leading out of your palm) that you can see when you clench your fist
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