ELA Macbeth

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  1. Fair is foul, and foul is fair
    Hover through the fog and filthy air
    Scotland is a place of filthy air but it may turn out good. supports the motif of the play: The reality of the situation must be investigated; the outward appearance may be different than reality which is not revealed
  2. The motif of Shakespeare's Macbeth
    The reality of the situation must be investigated; the outward appearance may be different than reality which is not revealed
  3. The theme of honor is introduced where?
    Line 45 in Scene 2
  4. The little stream metaphor is Scene 2
    represents the battle, easy then it turned terribly because the Norwegs king made the attack. the king sees an opportunity in that Macbeth just fought Macdonwald.
  5. as sparrows eagles simile in Scene 2 shows
    Banquo and Macbeth are predatory.
  6. Canons metaphor in Scene 2 represents
    the synergy between Macbeth and Banquo
  7. Irony in Scene 3
    Not long after Macbeth was appointed Thane of cawdor he is having murderous thoughts
  8. What horrifies Macbeth in Scene 3
    He is horrified that his predatory nature in battle could be translated to the king. if he kills the king he will get psychological torment.
  9. Dramatic irony in Scene 4
    Macbeth is having murderous thoughts, just as the thane of Cawdor, yet the King highly exalts him.
  10. Scene four introduces a new conflict for Macbeth
    what is the step metaphoric of?
    what is the leep metaphoric of?
    • He must kill twice to gain throne
    • the step is metaphoric of Malcom becoming the prince of cumberland
    • the leep is metaphoric of an alternate solution macbeth may find
    • How he handles the step is a moral dilemma.
  11. The eye wink at the hand
    shows that Macbeth wants to keep his moral dilemma to himself
  12. Scene 5 shows
    • Lady Macbeth's┬áruthless nature
    • She believes that Macbeth is not predatory, he wants to be king in a moral matter yet an immoral matter is what is needed.
    • He is too full of the milk of human kindness
  13. compunctious
    causing or feeling regret
  14. Line 58 Scene 5 is irony of
  15. Scene 5
    Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under
    Don't let others see your internal struggle to kill Duncan. Necessary for plot. Reinforces the motif
  16. Value of Scene 6
    Scene 6 is a reinforcement of Lady Macbeth's characterization because it shows she is predatory and ruthless, by deceiving her victims.
  17. Macbeth realizes the consequences of his actions:
    • 1) His murder may cause his own
    • 2) The kinsman and subject does not have the right to kill people of authority
    • 3) The host should prevent the murder
    • 4) The citizens would be drawn into the death of Duncan because they like him.
  18. Lady Macbeth's argument points
    • 1) If your hope is undependable then your love is undependable.
    • 2) taunts his manliness and courage
    • 3) The fact the Macbeth brought her the message
    • 4)If you promise to do something and don't do it, I would rather kill my child.
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