AST 3-5

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  1. needle used for liver biopsy
  2. why is cardioplegia used
    cause diastolic arrrest
  3. risk of leaving tourniquet inflated for a prolonged period of time
    Tissue necrosis
  4. specialty equipment that uses liquid nitrogen to repair retianl detachments
    cryotherapy unit
  5. how is umbilicus cleaned during abdominal skin prep
    prepped separately with cotton applicators
  6. axillary roll is placed in lateral position to
    facilitate respiration
  7. nerve that coul dbe damaged by improperly padded stirrups
  8. frozen section are sent to pathology
    immediately without preservative
  9. pat placed in lateral position for
  10. heat resistant, spore forming bacillus does steam sterizilation biological indicator contain
    g. stearathermophilus
  11. process by which blood cells are formed
  12. pacemaker of the heart is the
    S/A node
  13. thought processes take place in the
    cerebral cortex
  14. kantrex, bacitracin or ancef are mixed with saline for irrigation to
    inhibit surgical site infection
  15. sterilizer that operates with condition, exposure, exhaust and dry cycles
    Gravity Air displacement
  16. which catheter would be used for preoperative bladder drainage for D&C
    14 FR, Robinson
  17. in the OR; HEPA is a type of
    air filter
  18. precaution used to prevent cardiovascular complications during positioning of an anesthetized pat.
    move pt slowly
  19. why is the orientation of the vein graft reversed during a CABG
    presence of valves
  20. neurosurgical retractors that is handheld
  21. type of incision used for repair of zygomatic fx
    below lower eyelid
  22. principal male hormone produced in testes
  23. staples are are NOT and acceptable method of closing peel packs
  24. After TURP patient may have which catheter placed for bladder irrigation and compression
    3 way foley
  25. when using closed gloving technique
    hand must not extendbeyond cuffs
  26. drainage device preferred for a radical neck dissection
  27. arteries formed by the bifurcation of the abdominal aorta
  28. basic unit of the nervous system
  29. correct sterilization times required to render specific items are established by the
    equipment manufacturer
  30. procedure that involves a series of tx that result i permanent placement of prosthetic teeth
    dental implants
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