Unit 10 Review (part 3)

  1. Type of selection within the same-sex, males competing to win over mate
  2. Type of selection between sexes, females looking for good genes, parental investment, physical traits of potential males to mate
    Intersexual selection
  3. The branch of science the names and classifies organisms
  4. The two naming system for classification adopted by linnaes is called
    Binomial nomenclature
  5. This may prevent jean exchange and maintains the gap between species
    Reproductive isolation
  6. Number of species that have been named or classified to date
    1.8 million
  7. Type of reproductive barriers that prevent mating or fertilization between species
    Pro-zygotic barriers
  8. Type of reproductive barriers that hinder or affect hybrid zygotes after fertilization
    Post zygotic barriers
  9. Why do I hate doing this
    Because this sucks and it's boring, seems sort of pointless, I hate biology, which doesn't make much sense because I normally love science. I guess I know who's not going to be a biologist... 

    This guy...
  10. The type of post zygotic barrier that has most hybrid offspring not surviving, or if they do, they are very frail
    Reduced hybrid variability
  11. What type of Post zygotic Barrier has the hybrid offspring reach maturity and become healthy but sterile
    Reduced hybrid fertility
  12. What type of post zygotic Barrier has the first generation of hybrid offspring variable and for title, but when these hybrids meet with one another or the parent species the offspring are feeble or sterile
    hybrid breakdown
  13. allopatric specification includes populations that are separated by what
    Geographical barriers
  14. New species arises within the same geographical area as a parent species and what type of speciation
    sympatric speciation
  15. What does polyploidy or polyploid mean
    Cells have many complete sets of chromosomes
  16. 4n, 3n, 2n, & n. In terms of sets of chromosomes
    Tetraploid, triploid, diploid, haploid
  17. The two people that have continued in Darwin's initial finch study on the Galapagos
    Peter and Rosemary Grant
  18. The evolution of many diverse species from a common ancestor is termed
    Adaptive radiation
  19. That idea that little changes occur over long period of time belongs to what school of thought regarding spaciation
  20. The idea that there are long periods of little change, or equilibrium interpreted by abrupt or seven episodes of change in speciation
    Punctuated equilibrium
  21. Organisms that look or act like other successful organisms are said to perform
  22. Two or more species have evolved to assist in the development of each other through a beneficial, symbolic relationship go through
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Unit 10 Review (part 3)
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