1. Emotional and physical dominance over the individual
    Definition of Abuse
  2. Cycle of violence: Step 1- Woman attempts to be perfect for husband/boyfriend
    Tension Phase
  3. Cycle of Violence: Step 2- Man will become angry of something (not cleaning house, spending too much money) and he will strike out at his partner, either physically or emotionally then leaves
    Violence Phase
  4. Cycle of Violence: Step 3- Man cools down and comes back with gifts, telling her it will never happen again. Also tells her something like, "You need to clean better," leading to the woman to beleive it's her fault starting the cycle over again
    Honeymoon Phase aka "Wine and Roses Phase"
  5. The willful attempt to harm someone
  6. Repeated phases of tension, violence, and "honeymoon" brought on by the victim's desire to be perfect and the perpetrator's anger
    Cycle of Violence
  7. Physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, or other forms of abuse perpetrated by on a person in domestic relationship; The goal is to exert dominance or control
    Domestic Violence
  8. Financial exploitation of a person by another to gain control
    Economic Abuse
  9. Emotional injury inflicted on a person by another to demonstrate power
    Emotional Abuse
  10. Failure to fulfill duties and obligations to provide for the necessities for a daily living
  11. An official, usually appointed by the government, who is charged with representing the intersts of the public by investigating and addressing complaints reported by individual citizens
  12. Physical injury inflicted on a person by another to demonstrate power
    Physical Abuse
  13. Unwanted penetration of the genitalia
  14. Unwilling or unlawful touching of the genitalia, which may include rape
    Sexual Abuse
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