Ch 10 Words Part 9

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  1. GI series
    diagnostic techniques that provide radiographic examination of the GI
  2. upper GI series
    • UGI
    • barium swallow/ shake/meal is ingested to provide xray images of the esophagus, stomach, duodenum
  3. barium enema
    • BE
    • administration of barium sulfate into the colon or rectum for a LGI
  4. gingivectomy
    removal of diseased tissue in the gums or gingivae
  5. glossorrhaphy
    suturing of the tongue
  6. hemorrhoidectomy
    surgical removal of hemorrhoids
  7. ileostomy
    surgical creation of an opening through the abdominal wall into the ileum of the s. intestine
  8. laparotomy
    incision through the abdominal wall
  9. polypectomy
    surgical removal of polyps
  10. pyloroplasty
    surgical repair of the pylorus region of the stomach
  11. stool culture and sensitivity
    • C&S
    • obtaining a stool sample and determining what antibiotics to prescribe
  12. vagotomy
    surgical dissection of branches of the vagus nerve to reduce gastric juice secretion as treatment for chronic gastric ulcers
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