H and Ts of Cardiac Arret

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  1. Hypoxia
    Causes:Treatment: Advanced airway, oxygen, positive ventilations,CPR, Ventilations, AED
  2. Hypovelmia

    Causes: fluid loss from dehydration, burns, or blood loss results in decreased vascular volume.

    Treatment: ensure open airway, ventelate, cpr, oxygen, control bleeding, consider need for fluid replacement transport
  3. Hypo/Hyperklamia (potassium)
  4. Hypoglycemia
    • cause: low blood sugar
    • Treatment: check blood glucose level, 50 % dextrose kvo open rate IV, airway, ventilate, IV, CPR, AED
  5. Hypothermia
    Move pt to warm truck, warm IV fluids, manage airway, CPR,AED, VentilateToxinsNarcan, activated charcoal, CPR, AED, Ventilate
  6. Tension Pnemothorax
  7. Tamponade (cardiac tamponade)
  8. Thrombosis (coronary, pulmonary, cerebral)
  9. Trauma
  10. Hydrogen ion (acidosis/alkalosis)
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