Nutritional Choices

  1. Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are three kinds of what?
  2. Even water is a nutrient because it is needed for what two things?
    growth and repair of cells
  3. My pyramid groups foods by what?
    the nutrients they contain
  4. The grains food group is high in what?
    carbohydrates (bread and pasta)
  5. The milk group is high in calcium which is important for what two things?
    bones and teeth
  6. The Nutrition Facts label gives you information about the major ________ and number of ______ in the food.
    nutrients and calories
  7. Using the Nutrition Facts label helps consumers do what?
    make healthy food choices
  8. what depends on a persons age, gender, and body size?
    the amount of calories they need
  9. What causes a person to gain weight?
    if they eat more calories than they need
  10. although fats are an important part of a person's diet too many can lead to what?
    health problems
  11. heart disease can result from eating too much what?
  12. dietary fiber has no calories or nutritional value but it helps with what?
  13. what can help you get all the nutrients you need?
    a balanced diet
  14. what determines if a person is getting enough or too much of a food group?
    serving size
  15. bread, rice, and pasta are examples of what?
  16. bread, rice and pasta are rich in what and provide what for your body?
    carbohydrates and energy
  17. fruits and vegetables contain what two things?
    vitamins and minerals
  18. nuts, fish, and other foods contain what?
  19. what do oils have that the body needs in small amounts?
  20. what are meats and beans used for?
    cell growth and repair
  21. meats and beans are rich in what?
  22. milk, yogurt, and cheese are included in which group?
    the milk group
  23. milk products contain what?
    calcium and protein
  24. a fatty substance that is in dairy and animal products
  25. materials in food that are not digested
    dietary fiber
  26. a diet that provides the proper amount of foods from each food group
    balanced diet
  27. a specific amount or helping of food
    serving size
  28. a guide that groups foods by the kinds of nutrients they contain
  29. a group of foods with similar nutrients
    food group
  30. the label on a food package that gives information about the major nutrients in the food
    Nutrition Facts label
  31. fats that increase the risk of heart problems
    trans fat
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