Ch 10 Words Part 5

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  1. hemorrhoids
    varicose or swollen condition of the veins of the anus
  2. hepatitis
    viral induced inflammation of the liver
  3. malignant hepatoma, hepatocellular carcinoma
    • HCC
    • tumor arising from liver cells
  4. hiatal hernia
    protrusion of the cardiac portion of the stomach through the hiatus of the diaphragm to enter the thoracic cavity
  5. inguinal hernia
    protrusion of a s. intestine segment through the abdominal wall
  6. direct inguinal hernia
    protrusion into the scrotal cavity
  7. umbilical hernia
    s. intestine segment enters through a tear in the membrane covering the abdominal wall at the umbilical region
  8. strangulated hernia
    restricts blood flow to the protruding organ
  9. inflammatory bowel disease
    • IBD
    • general term for ulcerative colitis and chrons disease
  10. intussusception
    infolding of a segment of the s. intestine within another segment
  11. irritable bowel syndrome
    • IBS
    • chronic disease characterized by periodic disturbances of large intestinal (bowel) function without clear physical damage
  12. lactose intolerance
    • LI
    • lack of enzyme to break down lactose in s. intestine
  13. malabsorption syndrome
    difficulty absorbing one or more nutrients
  14. lipopenia
    inability to absorb fat molecules
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