Ch 10 Words Part 3

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  1. colitis
    inflammation of the colon
  2. colorectal cancer
    cancer of the rectum
  3. Chron’s disease, regional ileitis, regional enteritis
    • chronic inflammation of any part of the GI
    • form of IBD
  4. diverticulosis
    diverticula, no symptoms or mild bowel discomfort
  5. diverticula
    small pouches that form on the wall of the colon
  6. diverticulitis
    inflamed pouch
  7. duodenal ulcer
    erosion in the wall of the duodenum
  8. dysentery
    acute inflammation of the GI caused by bacteria, protozoa, or chemical irritants
  9. enteritis
    inflammation of the small or large intestine
  10. esophagitis
    inflammation of the esophagus
  11. esophagomalacia
    softening of the esophageal wall
  12. esophageal cancer
    caused by esophagitis and burning of the esophageal lining
  13. food- borne illness
    ingestion of food contaminated with harmful bacteria; lead to vomiting and diarrhea
  14. botulism
    life-threatening disease causing organism
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