Ch 10 Words Part 2

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  1. hepatomegaly
    enlarged liver
  2. jaundice
    • yellowish-orang coloration of the skin, sclera of the eye and deeper tissue
    • liver disease
  3. nausea
    • N&V
    • symptom of dizziness that includes urge to vomit
  4. reflux
    backflow of material in GI, regurgitation
  5. steatorrhea
    abnormal levels of fat in the feces
  6. anorexia nervosa
    emotional eating disorder where the patient avoids food due to a compulsion to become thin in appearance
  7. appendicitis
    inflammation of the appendix
  8. bulimia
    repeated gorging of food followed by induced vomiting or laxative abuse
  9. cheilitis
    inflammation of the lip
  10. cheilosis
    general condition of the lips, splitting of the lips and corners of the mouth (usually vit B deficiency)
  11. cholecystitis
    inflammation of the gallbladder
  12. choledochitis
    inflammation of the bile duct
  13. cholelithiasis
    stones in the gallbladder
  14. cirrhosis
    chronic, progressive liver disease characterized by gradual loss of liver cells and replacement by fat
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