Family Rules 1

  1. Ceremonial Marriage
    License + Solemnization


    • Age: above 18; btwn 16 and 18 with parental consent; btwn 14 and 16 with parental consent AND judicial approval. NONE under 14.
    • Waiting period: license effective 24 hours after issue and good for 60 days
    • Medical testing: blood tests for African American applicants to test for sickle cell anemia.

    Not issued: party already married, too closely related (closer than 1st cousins), sham marriage, incompetence, same-sex couples

    Solemnization: Must be performed in front of at least one witness by a judge, political official, or member of clergy of recognized religion.
  2. Non-marital relationships
    Marvin relationships:

    Recognition of implied contracts based on relationship between unmarried cohabitants. NY does not recognize these, but will enforce express contracts btwn unmarried partners as long as sex is not consideration for the contract.

    Domestic Partners:

    NY recognizes civil unions. NYC also recognizes domestic partnerships
  3. Heat balm actions
    Not recognized in NY. Party may not threaten to bring such an action.

    NY does allow for actions for deceit arising from factual misrepresentation relating to a party's capacity to marry. BUT the misrepresentation must have induced cohabitation.

    Gifts in contemplation of marriage must be returned, regardless of fault.
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